Every time I try to write something I do get question in my mind regarding the Organisation who are responsible for LAW. With all respect to United Nations (UN) due to my curiosity I will write a short publication for personal educational purpose. It seems that this organisation is responsible for the LAWS, even though, each country and states have their own LAWS. As a result, it’s very often so confusing where we have to go or do in order to get freedom of speech. Very often in many countries we are not allowed to copy or represent some information which has been written in one of other newspaper or book. It always leads to Copy Rights acts etc.

Ironically as this domain is .com I due believe that this Website/Blog has to be represented by American laws which are controlled by United Nations. As a result, to educate myself with the rights I have decided to follow their own Copyrights which redirect to the link¬†which redirects to the shop sub domain which has written basic rules. Generally, .org domains were created for non-profit organisation ironically personally I do get a view that even this organisation doesn’t provide service for free. It seem that we have to pay for everything in this world. To write and keep myself educated I will continue to write.


Excerpts definition according to Oxford dictionary is a paragraph. As a result, if I will try to reproduce a paragraph not a database as the official permission is not needed. As I do not resell this information I’m also free to use their information unless it would mislead. Web links could be used in order to provide official source. However, not allowed to use their emblem or logotype. In order to get this access I would need to fill the form and request permission for official body. Even though, each person could understand the information from their own perspective I will try to do it in formal way.


Apparently, to share video from United Nations on public domain which has over 60 years’ I should contact [email protected]. When I’m trying to get access to their Archives the page represent that it was not found. Therefore, I don’t find a need to write a letter with permission as this source was not available. What I did found it the live stream. The hyperlink to stream contains videos which are fresh and are recorded in different lengths.


The video “Making disability visible in statistics – Side Event at the 50th Statistical Commission” was reviewed in order to understand how the the presentations are presented in United Nations. It was hard to understand the speaker, however, we should practise to speak in order to learn. As we come from different countries and different cultures each person has its own difficulties. In common sense everyone has to have a right to speak if he know how to do it.


From the speaker I did understand that if we want to do some research we should create surveys which contain many questions which would had to be answered by people. As I’m writing I was advised to look for work. As a result, I will stop writing and go to look for a job.


Happy international woman day! Ladies have a great day!