Due to many things around the world the colour has been changed to the black in the background. The black code had to be changed to (#000000). Usually it happens when we do have to work or rest in peace. I would like to state that colour has been changed in the following domains;

As I got access to the host which does access to some of the websites I was trying to figure out how it happens. Usually we should have host which has control panel. Inside the control panel we could see the websites/pages on the list. We choose the website/page and try to find the background-colour text. If anyone don’t want to go through hundreds of pages of code they could use the control find function (c+f)(Mac) / (ctrl+f)(Windows) or just search where they should insert the keyword which they look for. In this case we were looking for background, as a result, we could just write “background” and the machine would start search for the inserted keyword.

In addition, the Agile bar was changed to 20%, due to, review which was made.   We know that when we have time we should do revisions and keep up to date.


How to change the bar percentages?

If you got access just go to the appearance -> editor -> skills.php and find Agile or other technology which is set and change.


If I remember correctly big companies use methodologies for better functionalities. It was created to make the product in a good state. Once I have had an experience where we were introduced to one of the similar technologies.


In overall “Defending Against Attacks from the Dark” white paper was found which reminded how serious it could be. Java projects are still available if there is some need for improvements. Norse attack services wasn’t reviewed as it may damage some systems.