During holidays I have tried to revise and learn new skills specifically for Drupal and Ruby.

Drupal experience

Apparently there is new security updates in Drupal which had to be updated from 8.2.x to 8.3.x. As a result some technical operations has been processed which would affect webpage appearance.

Also there is a new BootCamp series from “The Firehouse Project” which teaches foundations of HTML, CSS and Ruby. As I have done some basic exercises I will have to add a new skill bar for Ruby.

In addition, some basic terminal screenshots will be attached in order to show the evidence of outputs.

Drupal in local machine;

Drupal in GitHub;

One on the most easiest website tutorials which provide the revision for GitHub use.


Ruby experience

Due to the Job Search I have decided to register at The Firehose project  in which I have had to spend at least 2 hours every day on how to learn to code. The community is very helpful apparently which leads to very detail explanations on how to actually start from scratch.

All the theoretical information could be found in the official The Firehose project, however, practical exercises are available in Code Any Where Editor.


The screenshots above shows how to find SSH Terminal which allows to run .rb scripts with shell commands. As I have been studying little several operations will be proceed in order to show basic understanding of Ruby language.

This covers up to 20 lessons in Ruby. As the result I will add a new bar with 20%.